I like to write stuff, make videos, and create music. I want the stories I tell to bring readers and viewers and listeners to a new place—hopefully revealing some new understanding about the world or themselves, or simply providing an enjoyable experience.

I also want to tell the stories of people and institutions that are fighting against unjust systems. This is a broken world and people are trying to fix it. I want to do what I can to help them succeed. 

My professional work has largely focused on food policy, health promotion, consumer advocacy, environmental conservation, and the social and ecological impacts of what and how we eat.

I was a regular contributor to Scientific American Food Matters and The Daily Beast, and my multimedia and written work has appeared in Audubon.com, Business Insider, Civil Eats, Gizmodo, Grist, The Huffington Post, The Laura Flanders Show, Medium, Men’s Journal, The New York Times, Nashville Public Television, North Carolina Health News, North Carolina Public Television, Quartz, Upworthy, Weighty Matters, and Yahoo! News.

By day I get to tell the stories of Oceana’s work to save the oceans. By night I’m hopefully moving my body, making some music, eating a sandwich, or telling YOUR story—I’m always on the look out for a good yarn, so pitch away, I’m open for business.

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